Darkwinds is out of beta, official game servers are live

Development update: Version 1.0 of Darkwinds, the cryptocollectible trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain, is live and all the first 100 cards are finally revealed.

November 13, 2018. Category: development

Darkwinds is officially live.

After an intense first year of development, we’re happy to announce that we’ve achieved our initial goal: to build a fully-featured trading card game on Ethereum with multiplayer matchmaking and competitive leaderboards, thus, no longer in beta (yayyy!).

With Darkwinds we attempt to honor classic trading card games, but at the same time transport you to an exotic world dominated by pirates where honor, madness, rum and luck are vital.

In this game, you will uncover the story of Princess Eleanor, who is navigating the seas on the quest to find her father, King Enrique IX de Itova, after he dissappeard in the middle of a black magic storm. Ever since, forgotten pirates, powerful sorcerers and giant creatures have come to conquer the biggest of Thard’s kingdoms.

First Edition

In this version we introduce the basic ruleset for an “easy to learn, hard to master” experience, which is gonna be the foundation for the expansions and new editions.

There’s 100 “First Edition” game cards acquirable through our smart contract, with stunning artwork from more than 20 artists. This are the same tokens used in beta testing, but revisited and balanced.

As of today all the properties and abilities of cards are final. It means we won’t be changing the attack rates, spells, health or cost.

And since we are commited to the concept of immutable cryptocollectibles, we’re extending our smart contracts to include such info, so all Darkwinds cards ever bought will stay the same and nobody can nerf.

You can look at all the final cards here

Online battle experience

Use your cryptocollectibles to assemble a deck and fight your way up to the leaderboard!

Our game servers are open to all Darkwinds cards owners in three modes: Practice, Quick and Ranked.

You will be rewarded with experience points for every battle won and in Ranked, your skill level will be calculated using the TrueSkill system.

If you are a plater of Hearthstone, or Magic: The gathering you’ll feel very familiar with the gameplay style but with a different set of rules focused on a fast pace and impredictable outcomes.

To play you need a Desktop computer running Chrome or Firefox and visit playdarkwinds.com.

What to expect next

We already have ideas for expansions with new rules, a 2nd edition, tournaments, versions for other platforms, and more; However, in the short term our focus will be to support this first official version with hotfixes and optimizations. We won’t stop working and you’ll hear about our future plans pretty soon.

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear your impressions and ideas: Feel free join us on Discord and chat with us.

Thanks for playing!

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