The player's Handbook

This is the guide to play (and hopefully win at) Darkwinds. In case you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us, so we can improve this document.

What is Darkwinds

The game

Darkwinds is a desktop browser card game about pirates, where single players battle single opponents through strategy. Every time a player wins, gets certain amount of points that place the player higher in the Ranking.

The cards

In this first edition of Darkwinds, there are 1.000.000. You can explore them and know their capabilities visiting the Card Explorer.

To play Darkwinds, you must acquire cards. These cards are crypto collectibles. It means that every single card has a value in Ethereum. It makes every card a token with a value. It gives you the possibility to play and to trade them inside or outside Darkwinds, as you will be using the Ethereum Blockchain.

You can’t decide which cards buy. They will reveal after your purchase in your Card book.

The story

Darkwinds are the winds of the seven seas and they have the power to unleash prosperity and misfortunes. Only the best pirates will have the power to control these winds to their wills.

In this version of the game, the Darkwinds were previously dominated by the pirate Enrique IX, but he was kidnaped by dark forces. Till today, nobody knows about his luck. The Darkwinds doesn't have a master anymore, so they act under their own will. But Princess Eleanor, daughter of Enrique IX inherited part of his power and she's able to control some of the Darkwinds to her will, making this card, one of the most valued.

The battle

The battle occurs on a table inside a pirate ship, where you are in the bottom and your opponent in the top. You can see your hand and your deck of cards, and you can’t see your opponent’s hand, but his deck.

There are three categories of battles: Tutorial, Quick match and Ranked.

Join the battle

To play Darkwinds you must buy cards in our store with Ethereum. Below you will find the steps.


MetaMask is a trustful extension for Chrome and Firefox that allows you to run websites with Ethereum in your browser. Install it ONLY through its official website here.


Save your mnemonic somewhere safe. We are not responsible for losts, neither MetaMask.

Make sure you are in the Main Ethereum Network.

I already have Ethereum.

If you have a wallet, you need at least 0.01 ETH, that is the price for a basic deck of 10 cards. To acquire cards for Darkwinds, you must transfer funds from your previous Ethereum wallet, to your MetaMask wallet.

I don’t have Ethereum.

In case you don’t have Ethereum, we suggest you to acquire some through Coinbase or Poloniex. If you are in South America, we suggest

In case you need help with these steps, contact us.

Check your balance

If you already transferred ETH to you MetaMask wallet, check your balance. MetaMask will appear in your browser. If you have at least 0.01 Ethereum you are ready.

Getting started

Set up MetaMask

After the installation, make sure you are in the Main Ethereum Network.

Choose your name

In your 1st time visiting Play now, the page will ask you for a nickname only once. This name will be visible to your opponents. If you already did all of the previous steps and you want to set you nickname, visit this link.

Buy cards

Visit Get cards and purchase one of the three products. If you click one of the three “buy” buttons, a MetaMask window will open, showing the information of the transaction that you are about to make.

It will only be done if you press SUBMIT. If you don’t want to buy press REJECT.

You can’t decide which cards buy, they will reveal after your purchase in your Card book link.

My cards

Check your purchased cards in the Card book link in the main navigation. Here are all of your cards in your book and in your deck.

My deck

You must build a Deck to battle an opponent. Visit your Card book, select a card and press “Add to deck”. After that, they will appear in Deck. Now you’re ready to fight to control the Darkwinds.

What are the differences between Tutorial, Quick match & Ranked?

There are three match categories in Play Now

In Tutorial you’ll learn to play against a bot. If you win, you won’t earn points for the ranking.

In Quick Match you’ll fight against another pirate. This is really good to start creating your strategies.

In Ranked you fight against a pirate, and the winner will appear in the ranking. Only the bests are in the higher places!

Are rules hard?

Darkwinds is really simple to learn, but hard to master. These are the rules that you must follow:

How many cards should I own to be able to play?

You need at least 10 cards in your deck. We suggest you to have more cards, so you can build up your strategy.

Every card has a ribbon with 2 numbers separated with a “/”. The left number is the amount of damage, and the right number is the amount of life

Tell me how to make my cards fight...

Players and cards have points of life.

Every player has 10 points of life, shaped as black hearts. If your opponent attacks you with 2 points of damage, you will have 8 black hearts and 2 outlined hearts.

To put your cards to fight, you must pay its price. It appears in the upper right corner of each card. It goes from 1 to 5. There are only 5 credits shaped as anchors.

First round starts with 1 anchor, second round with anchors and so on. 5 is the limit. You must be wise to use them because they are limited.

How can I buy specific cards?

In addition to buying cards from the game store in Booster packs, you can acquire a specific card through any Cryptocollectible marketplace, such as OpenSea

Can I trade my cards?

As we previously said, every card is a crypto collectible, it makes every one of them an ETH token, which mean that you will soon be able to trade them in these modes:

If you have a friend that plays Darkwinds and you want to make him/her a gift, you can ask for their ETH address and transfer a card. This feature is still under construction and we will let you know when ready.

We are working in a marketplace that will gives players the opportunity to sell their cards in case you don’t want them anymore.

Become a crypto pirate!