All about rarity

In Darkwinds some cards are far more common that others. Why does it happen? This post will explain things.

November 21, 2018. Category: nerdstuff

The best that can happen to you if you open a Darkwinds pack is scoring a rare card. For decades TCGs have been printing a limited amount of some of their models to be coveted by collectors. After card games went digital and cards are created in a database, rarity can be controlled very fast and it’s hard to understand how it happens.

In the Blockchain age, we can do better

If we publish the rules of issuance in a smart contract, guaranteeing every purchaser a transparent chance of obtaining a rare card, we can establish a new kind of relationship with collectors: a honest one.

We can also make sure the contract cannot be modified so it’s impossible to change the rules.

Every time a Darkwinds cards is generated, a pseudo-random number will roll and only produce a rare one above a high treshold.

There can only be 1 million Darkwinds First Edition cards of 100 diferent models. So while there are many to be created, only 10% will be models 50 and up, thus considered rare.

Of the 50 rare card models, we call the last 20 “Gold” because they are even more unlikely to appear. At the time of this writing there are 6 models that have never appeared.

You can distinguish your cards rarity by looking at the border color.

Black (Not Rare)

Silver (Rare)

Gold (Very Rare)

If you’d like to dig deeper into the card generation function you can check out our whitepaper

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