Every Darkwinds card is a Cryptocollectible. This means it cannot be destoryed or nerfed, even by us.

There are 100 different cards to be found. Each one has the potential to be a integral part of your strategy, if combined correctly with others.

You can trade them, sell them or collect them: Once a card is generated by our smart contract you are free to do whatever you want, like listing them for auction in a marketplace like OpenSea, where you can also find specific cards sold by other players.

Some cards are rarer than others, and it’s impossible to change the odds... And since they are on the Ethereum network, everyone is welcome to inspect the statistics of the game anytime. You’ll always know how many of your cards are on circulation.

Packs of 10, 20 or 50 random cards are available for a low price.

10 Card Pack

0.004 ETH


20 Card Pack

0.008 ETH


50 Card Pack

0.02 ETH

+ Gas

Become a cryptopirate: Set in a mythical world of great pirates and black magic, you will be captivated by the original story and characters. More than 20 renowned artists have captured the amazing story in their wonderful card drawings.

Every week, a new challenge: A wild creature that drops a rare card is challenging the best pirates of the metaverse. The reward: a rare card that only occurs every few days, if ever.

TrueSkill matchmaking: We reward the best strategies, decks and playing styles with competitive points on the leaderboard. Soon there will be prizes and tournaments.

Easy to learn, difficult to master: Don’t be mislead by the simple rules, Darkwinds is a well-balanced game with infinite possibilities for different strategies and styles.

Active development: We are already working in the first expansion with a new set of added rules. We are constantly improving the game and we release new features almost every week.

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